The Quadrivium relating to the study of Geometry, Arithmatic and Music.


Bérenger Saunière, the abbé of Rennes-le-Château, left coded messages in a series of bottles strategically placed around his parish.  An additional coded message was discovered within one of these documents written in red ink.  It comprised a series of interspersed capital letters .   When unscrambled the Latin text revealed that the cipher that Saunière called the QUADRIVIUM together with the position of two shepherds’ huts was used to mark the location of the THESAURUS REGALIS or Royal Treasure.  This same system was revealed in ‘Still Spins the Spider of Rennes-le-Château’ to mark this hoard.  ‘Quadrivium’ is the name that Bérenger Saunière used for the geometric key and it is the  Latin name used since ancient times meaning crossroads.  The word was used by the Greeks and Romans to embrace the study of various subjects including Geometry, Music, Arithmetic and Astronomy.  This key name has not been made public up till now as no strong link to music was known and the expert scoffers would have had a field day.

   That has now changed and a binary musical annotation system has been discovered by Master Carver John Donalson while working at Stirling Castle in Scotland.  The round wooden carvings in the bedchamber of King James V date from the sixteenth century and one of these bears not only the musical binary code of that era but also the Quadrivium geometry while at least one other has been fashioned in the Quadrivium system of geometry without any discernable musical annotations.  This information will now be included within the pages of ‘Keys of Antiquity and the Ancient Cipher’ but this and further extensive exploration and research will mean that the date of publication will now be at the end of January 2012.

   The following is the link to the Daily Mail Web Site that relates to the Stirling Castle discoveries.

 This musical notation system appears to relate to the tritone musical system present in the Rosslyn Chapel symbolism.  This symbolism is re-itterated in the Bérenger Saunière documents documents which each contain the image of the Solomon key in the triple box which draw attention to the importance of the Quadrivium in solving the Rennes-le-Château riddle to Saunière’s satisfaction.